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The perfect lifestyle at Homelands Park

At Homelands Park near Bridgnorth in Shropshire, residents are enjoying all the benefits of a peaceful park environment, and have even developed a few new outdoor interests thanks to their choice of park!

The park has been developed over the years in a way which works within the natural environment rather than fighting it, and the park owners’ policy of continuous, natural evolvement lends itself well to adding elements residents think might add further to the beautiful park environment, and their enjoyment of it.

For those we’ve talked to, that’s ensured a really good atmosphere on the park, which is owned and run by the Home family with several members actually living on the park. To explain how residents have enjoyed new-found freedom and developed new hobbies on the park, we asked them to tell us all about their park experiences in their own words.

It is so peaceful you can only hear the wild life

Hi, my name is Allan Cox and I live on Homelands with my wife Sheila. We have been on the park for a number of years and absolutely love this lifestyle. The reason for us choosing Homelands was the layout of the homes and its location.

The pool is situated in the woodlands, very tranquil, and contains carp, roach, bream, dace, perch and the odd big eel. A great place to spend a few hours.

The park has not changed a great deal over the past twelve months due to weather, but you can see the prospects for the future, and we have a new park manager Claire, very helpful.

The atmosphere is great – everyone helps each other and it is so peaceful, you can only hear the wild life. I would say it will add 5 years to your life span, so relaxed. Come and join us!

I was an average gardener but now have my own allotment!

Elaine Bissell who lives on the park with her husband Alan and labrador Zeke.
We were inspired to look at park homes after friends of ours bought one in Wales, and we then spent three years reading magazines such as Park Home & Holiday Caravan and Park Lifestyle to find out more information, visiting quite a few parks, and also went to the Stoneleigh World of Park and Leisure Home Show, where we met Bryan Home and found out more about the park.

We took a visit to the Prestige Homeseeker factory and decided on a Prestige Reprise at Homelands – which after all our park visits was the park we seemed to always want to go back to.

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It’s such a lovely lifestyle you might as well get on with it

This park is great, and my top tips for buying would be to make sure you get to know the park management and feel comfortable with them. When the management is right, the park is right, and that’s something we were increasingly aware of as we were looking at different parks. Talking to other residents before you buy can be really helpful too. The family here are fantastic and that makes for a really friendly and positive atmosphere which will continue with Claire (the next generation) now also helping to manage the park. We also realised you don’t have to be retired to move into a park home and it’s such a lovely lifestyle you might as well get on with it. We’re so glad we did.

A fishing pool has recently been cleared opposite the park that is a short walk from most of the homes. I quite fancied having an allotment when Bryan mentioned it, despite me never having grown a thing previously! You can take as much or little space as you need within reason for a minimal fee, and I have two areas – a 20ft polytunnel and an outdoor area. Outside I am growing runner beans, dwarf French beans, peas, red cabbage, green cabbage and courgettes. Inside I have tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and lettuces. I give quite a bit away to friends and family and have really got into it now – I’ve surprised myself a bit and absolutely love it!

We also have plenty of land around our home as we’ve adopted a sloping bank to the back with the park’s approval and it’s now planted with bushes and flowers – Alan’s domain as he used to be a gardener, so we both get to enjoy our hobbies in different ways and with really pleasing results – it’s brilliant! We’re so glad we made the move and chose Homelands, and what’s surprised us most is how economical the lifestyle is.