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Your questions... answered.

Questions you may want to ask...

We appreciate that a move to a park home estate may present lots of questions you need to ask before making the decision to buy. Here are some questions we can answer, but please contact us if you need further information or would like to arrange a visit to the park.


Yes, Residents must be over 50 years of age.

Yes, we do allow 1 pet, but with regards to dogs, this is very much dependent on type of breed.

Yes, we are a licenced residential park.

When you purchase a home, your are given a Written Statement which entitles you to live on the park in perpetuity.

Yes you can sell your home by any method. You are free to use any agent you choose.

All new homes are built to BS3632 residential standards and have a 10 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Yes, all homes have a private garden area. The size is dependent on your chosen plot.

No, homes are connected to underground gas tanks  - changing of cylinders not required.

Yes, they can visit but will not be able to reside on the park.

We have areas for grazing or there is a livery yard in Chorley Village.

Yes, all major retailers deliver.

The nearest shops can be found in Bagginswood,Cleobury or Highley.

Currently we offer homes from Prestige Homeseeker and Stately Albion.

The homes for sale are dependent on your chosen plot, model and size of home.

Homes are available in 40' x 20' and 45' x 20' sizes.

These are like 'gold dust' but we do occasionally have some become available for sale.

The maximum is 2 permanent residents.

Band A

Gas, electric and water are metered to your home. These are read and invoiced quarterly.

Currently it is £185.00 per month. Reviewed in April 2025.

The doctor's surgery is in the next village of Stottesdon.

We charge just £35.00 per year.

No, but there are local storage facilities nearby.