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New homes and plots available for sale at Homelands Park from £220,000

This is just a small selection of new homes available to purchase. Please speak with us and we will show you the choice of homes available from Prestige Homeseeker and Stately Albion Homes.

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Prestige Majestic

Prestige Majestic

Homelands Park

Modern contemporary home

Sonata Home

Prestige Sonata

Homelands Park

Popular home from Prestige Homeseeker

Topaz Header

Stately Albion Topaz

Homelands Park

Stately Albion Topaz luxurious grandeur

Wentwood Header

Stately Albion Wentwood

Homelands Park

Modern contemporary home from Stately Albion

Kensington Header

Stately Albion Kensington

Homelands Park

The Stately Albion Kensington is the flagship residential home.

Prestige Sofia (1)

Prestige Sofia

Homelands Park

Bright and spacious home perfectly designed for entertaining


Prestige Residence

Homelands Park

A truly outstanding home with modern furnishings and clean, chic design.

Cardigan Cottage

Stately Albion Cardigan Cottage

Homelands Park

The Cardigan Cottage has a cozy, comfortable feel with a traditional touch